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About the Journal

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International Journal of Information & Communication Technology Research (IJICTR) publishes high quality scientific papers covering all aspects of information and communication technology also is indexed in MSRT(Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology) and ISC (Islamic World Science Citation Center), SID (Scientific Information Database) and many other Scientific Citation Centers. (IJICTR) is an open access journal which publishes research across all academic disciplines including but not limited to the following areas:

  • 1. Information Technology
    • 1.1. Information Systems
    • 1.2. IT Platforms: Software & Hardware Tech
    • 1.3. IT strategies & Frameworks
    • 1.4. IT Application & Services
  • 2. Communication Technology
    • 2.1. Communication Theory
    • 2.2. Wireless Networks
    • 2.3. Satellite Communication
    • 2.4. Optical Communication
    • 2.5. Communication Devices
    • 2.6. Signal Processing
  • 3. Network
    • 3.1. NGN Networks
    • 3.2. Network Management
    • 3.3. Computer & Communication Networks
    • 3.4. Network Security
    • 3.5. Information Management Systems
    • 3.6. Security Management

Publication fees

International Journal of Information & Communication Technology Research (IJICTR)   welcomes article submissions and does not charge a publication fee

Note:All the papers are checked from the plagiarism point of view by iThenticate tool.

IJICTR content is governed by active scientists:

IJICTR appoints leading scholars to assess scientific content and steer all manuscripts through rigorous peer review. Each Section is managed by an academic Editor in Chief (Section Editor), but has a board of associate and advisory editors who manage subsection areas. These Editors control all editorial decisions.


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