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Persian to English Personal Name Transliteration Based On the Persian Web Contents (2689 Downloads)
Analysis the Effects of Internet of Things Technology in Managing Supply Chain (2325 Downloads)
All Optical Logic Gates: A Tutorial (2236 Downloads)
A Framework for Optimal Fault Tolerance Protocol Selection Using Fuzzy Logic on IoT Sensor Layer (2190 Downloads)
Fast GLCM and Gabor Filters for Texture Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images (1959 Downloads)
A Priority-based Fast Optimal Computation Offloading Planner for Mobile Cloud Computing (1801 Downloads)
Customer Clustering Based on Customer Lifetime Value: A Case Study of an Iranian Bank (1801 Downloads)
Density-Based K-Nearest Neighbor Active Learning for Improving Farsi-English Statistical Machine Translation System (1777 Downloads)
Critical Success factors for implementing PACS Technology in Iran's Hospitals (1776 Downloads)
Detecting Flood-based Attacks against SIP Proxy Servers and Clients using Engineered Feature Sets (1759 Downloads)
Intrusion Detection System Using SVM as Classifier and GA for Optimizing Feature Vectors (1737 Downloads)
Spectral-Spatial Feature Transformations With Controlling Contextual Information Through Smoothing Filtering and Morphological Analysis (1712 Downloads)
Text Localization, Extraction and Inpainting in Color Images using Combined Structural and Textural Features (1709 Downloads)
A Conceptual Framework and Architectural Considerations for Capability Enhancement in Software Defined Networks (1708 Downloads)
Non-stationary Sparse System Identification over Adaptive Sensor Networks with Diffusion and Incremental Strategies (1693 Downloads)
A Clustering Based Feature Selection Approach to Detect Spam in Social Networks (1693 Downloads)
Keyphrase Ranking Based on Second Order Co-Occurrence Analysis (1683 Downloads)
An Incentive Mechanism to Mitigate the Free-riding in VoD Streaming over Hybrid CDN-P2P Networks (1682 Downloads)
EMOSS: An Efficient Algorithm to Hide Sequential Patterns (1678 Downloads)
Persian Wordnet Construction using Supervised Learning (1670 Downloads)
QoS-aware web service composition using Gray Wolf Optimizer (1665 Downloads)
The Effect of Information Sharing on the Assessment of Supply Chain Performance in Uncertain Conditions (1661 Downloads)
DMTC-EBSC: A Novel Decision Making Technique in Cloud Environment Based on Extended BSC (1654 Downloads)
Hub location Allocation Problem in Computer Networks Using Intelligent Optimization Algorithms (1648 Downloads)
A Pareto-based Optimizer for Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment (1645 Downloads)
Impact of Topic Modeling on Rule-Based Persian Metaphor Classification and its Frequency Estimation (1645 Downloads)
8 kbps Speech Coding using KLMS Prediction, Look-Ahead Adaptive Quantization and Pre-Emphasized Noise Reduction (1631 Downloads)
A Stochastic Approach for Valuing Customers (1629 Downloads)
A New Method for SLM-Based OFDM Systems without Side Information (1628 Downloads)
Discovering Influencers for Spreading in Weighted Networks (1623 Downloads)
Resource Reservation in Grid Networks based on Irregular Cellular Learning Automata (1614 Downloads)
A Model Based on Cellular Learning Automata for Improving the Intelligent Assistant Agents & Its Application in Earthquake Crisis Management (1606 Downloads)
Overhead Reduction In Delay Tolerant Networks (1599 Downloads)
An Attack Graph Based Method for Predictive Risk Evaluation of Zero-Day Attacks (1592 Downloads)
A Framework to Create a Certificate for e-Commerce Secure Transaction Protocol (1588 Downloads)
Decreasing the Average Delay, Connectivity, and Routing Load in Clustered Mobile Ad- Hoc Networks (1579 Downloads)
Practical Detection of Click Spams Using Efficient Classification-Based Algorithms (1568 Downloads)
Efficient Verifiable Dynamic Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Elliptic Curves (1566 Downloads)
A MinMax Routing Algorithm for Long Life Route Selection in MANETs (1560 Downloads)
Technology Roadmapping Framework: Case study of USO services in Iran (1551 Downloads)
Enhanced Iterative Detection of Hierarchically Modulated Signals using VB-EM Algorithm (1551 Downloads)
A Weighted Soft-Max PNLMS Algorithm for Sparse System Identification (1550 Downloads)
Using Hybrid of Eigenface and Imperialist Competition Algorithm for Feature Selection in Face Recognition (1545 Downloads)
Enhancement of educational games based on personality type indicators (1536 Downloads)
SDTE: Software Defined Traffic Engineering for Improving Data Center Network Utilization (1532 Downloads)
A P-Robust Stochastic DEA Model for Enterprise Architecture Scenario Selection (1527 Downloads)
Hybrid of Evolutionary and Swarm Intelligence Algorithms for Prosody Modeling in Natural Speech Synthesis (1525 Downloads)
Skin Classification for Adult Image Recognition Based on Combination of Gaussian and Weight-KNN (1518 Downloads)
On Maximizing the Secrecy Rate in a Cooperative Wireless Network using Friendly Jammers (1517 Downloads)
Impact of Empowering Communication Technology Practices on Service Performance in Information Technology Sector (1512 Downloads)
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