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Persian to English Personal Name Transliteration Based On the Persian Web Contents (4410 Downloads)
Customer Clustering Based on Customer Lifetime Value: A Case Study of an Iranian Bank (2836 Downloads)
All Optical Logic Gates: A Tutorial (2463 Downloads)
A New Blind Signature Scheme Based on Improved ElGamal Signature Scheme (2381 Downloads)
Analysis the Effects of Internet of Things Technology in Managing Supply Chain (2370 Downloads)
Analysis Method for Spherical Dipole Antenna Array (2349 Downloads)
EDBPM: An Event-Driven Business Process Monitoring Mechanism (2274 Downloads)
A Novel Density based Clustering Method using Nearest and Farthest Neighbor with PCA (2261 Downloads)
A Framework for Optimal Fault Tolerance Protocol Selection Using Fuzzy Logic on IoT Sensor Layer (2221 Downloads)
Data Mining in the E-Learning Systems: A Virtual University Case Study (2195 Downloads)
A Security Mechanism for Detecting Intrusions in Internet of Things Using Selected Features Based on MI-BGSA (2193 Downloads)
A Semi-Supervised Method for Multimodal Classification of Consumer Videos (2118 Downloads)
Using Synchronous TAG for Source-Side Reordering in SMT (2106 Downloads)
Superposition Network Coding for Wireless Cooperative Communication (2096 Downloads)
An Improved Recommender System Based on Forgetting Mechanism for User Interest-Drifting (2096 Downloads)
HWS: A Hierarchical Word Spotting Method for Farsi Printed Words Through Word Shape Coding (2080 Downloads)
A Mobility Based Cooperative MAC Protocol for Wireless Networks (2059 Downloads)
Joint Power Adaptation and Interference Avoidance for Unlicensed Wireless Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach (2041 Downloads)
Evaluating the Effect of Learner’s Knowledge, Background, and Attention’s on Trust Using Open Learner Model (2040 Downloads)
How Open Source Software Succeeds? A Review of Research on Success of Open Source Software (2029 Downloads)
IECA: Intelligent Effective Crawling Algorithm for Web Pages (2022 Downloads)
Evaluating Fidelity of Persian-English Sentence-Aligned Parallel Corpus (2017 Downloads)
Performance Improvement of Language Identification Using Transcription Based Sequential Approaches & Sequential Kernels Based SVM (2011 Downloads)
Preference Based PSO for Utility Optimization in Broadband Digital Economy (2003 Downloads)
Improving the Quality of Service in the VANET by Detecting and Removing Unused Messages (2001 Downloads)
A Framework for Evaluation of SQL Injection Detection and Prevention Tools (1989 Downloads)
Joint Antenna Selection and Adaptive Modulation in MIMO Systems in the Presence of CSI Imperfection (1989 Downloads)
A Review on Internet Traffic Classification Based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques (1988 Downloads)
Increasing the Total Efficiently Executed Work on Volunteer Computing Environment Based on Work Send Policy (1986 Downloads)
Sensitivity Analysis of Shielded Coupled Interconnects for RFIC Applications (1978 Downloads)
TrPLS: Preserving Privacy in Trajectory Data Publishing by Personalized Local Suppression (1971 Downloads)
A Scalable Algorithm to Solve Distributed Constraint Optimization (1959 Downloads)
Route Lookup Algorithms Using the Novel Idea of Coded Prefix Trees (1959 Downloads)
E-business Integrated Test Framework Model (1958 Downloads)
The Impact of Structural Position on Opinion Leadership in Social Network (1956 Downloads)
Face Verification Using Local Binary Patterns and Sparse Representation Techniques (1947 Downloads)
An Opportunistic Cooperative Approach for Dynamic Spectrum Leasing in Cognitive Radio Networks (1944 Downloads)
A Cluster-Based Similarity Fusion Approach for Scaling-Up Collaborative Filtering Recommender System (1939 Downloads)
Content-Based Image Retrieval for Tourism Application Using Handheld Devices (1933 Downloads)
Accelarated Optical Character Recognition on Graphics Processing Units (1932 Downloads)
A Visual Tracking Algorithm Based on CAMShift and Motion Segmentation (1930 Downloads)
An Image Annotation Method Based on CM Similarity Measure and Hybrid Relevance Feedback (1929 Downloads)
An Automatic Contrast Enhancement Technique Using Combination of Histogram-Based Methods (1923 Downloads)
E-Learners’ Activity Categorization Based on Their Learning Styles Using ART Family Neural Network (1918 Downloads)
Static Persian Sign Language Recognition Using Kernel-Based Feature Extraction (1914 Downloads)
An Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management System in Call Centers Using SMV and TROPOS (1907 Downloads)
Efficient Object Tracking Using Optimized K-means Segmentation and Radial Basis Function Neural Networks (1906 Downloads)
A Two-Dimensional Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of Г-Г Distribution for Free Space Optical Channels with Weak Turbulence Conditions (1902 Downloads)
Ontological Modeling of Radio Frequency Identification(RFID)Attacks (1902 Downloads)
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