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A Framework for Optimal Fault Tolerance Protocol Selection Using Fuzzy Logic on IoT Sensor Layer (3124 Views)
Speaker-Dependent Speech Enhancement Using Codebook-based Synthesis for Low SNR Applications (2604 Views)
Enhancement of educational games based on personality type indicators (2548 Views)
Multi-Objective Response to Co-Resident Attacks in Cloud Environment (2424 Views)
Spatial Interference Alignment in Relay-Assisted Multi-Cell Multi-User Networks (2380 Views)
Persian Wordnet Construction using Supervised Learning (2374 Views)
Persian to English Personal Name Transliteration Based On the Persian Web Contents (2372 Views)
Fast GLCM and Gabor Filters for Texture Classification of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images (2356 Views)
An Opportunistic Cooperative Approach for Dynamic Spectrum Leasing in Cognitive Radio Networks (2352 Views)
Low Cost Millimeter Wave Duplexer Design Using Mixed Mode Matching and Integral Contour Methods (2344 Views)
Analysis Method for Spherical Dipole Antenna Array (2290 Views)
Pruning Concept Map to Geneate Ontology (2287 Views)
Spectral-Spatial Feature Transformations With Controlling Contextual Information Through Smoothing Filtering and Morphological Analysis (2233 Views)
An Incentive Mechanism to Mitigate the Free-riding in VoD Streaming over Hybrid CDN-P2P Networks (2230 Views)
Designing and Developing a Wordnet for Persian Nouns Pages (2229 Views)
Keyphrase Ranking Based on Second Order Co-Occurrence Analysis (2204 Views)
All Optical Logic Gates: A Tutorial (2181 Views)
Decreasing the Average Delay, Connectivity, and Routing Load in Clustered Mobile Ad- Hoc Networks (2172 Views)
Joint Power Adaptation and Interference Avoidance for Unlicensed Wireless Systems: A Game Theoretic Approach (2158 Views)
A Reliable Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (2155 Views)
Learners Grouping in E-Learning Environment Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Clustering Approach (2118 Views)
Hybrid of Evolutionary and Swarm Intelligence Algorithms for Prosody Modeling in Natural Speech Synthesis (2105 Views)
Intrusion Detection System Using SVM as Classifier and GA for Optimizing Feature Vectors (2099 Views)
Customer Clustering Based on Customer Lifetime Value: A Case Study of an Iranian Bank (2070 Views)
HWS: A Hierarchical Word Spotting Method for Farsi Printed Words Through Word Shape Coding (2061 Views)
A Clustering Based Feature Selection Approach to Detect Spam in Social Networks (2018 Views)
Recommending Friends in Social Networks By Users' Profiles And Using Classification Algorithms (2010 Views)
A Semi-Supervised Method for Multimodal Classification of Consumer Videos (1995 Views)
Analysis the Effects of Internet of Things Technology in Managing Supply Chain (1988 Views)
A Conceptual Framework and Architectural Considerations for Capability Enhancement in Software Defined Networks (1969 Views)
The Effect of Information Sharing on the Assessment of Supply Chain Performance in Uncertain Conditions (1935 Views)
QoS-aware web service composition using Gray Wolf Optimizer (1914 Views)
Enhanced Iterative Detection of Hierarchically Modulated Signals using VB-EM Algorithm (1913 Views)
A Framework to Create a Certificate for e-Commerce Secure Transaction Protocol (1910 Views)
An Attack-Defense Model for the Binder on the Android Kernel Level (1880 Views)
A Survey of Advanced Search Techniques in Unstructured P2P Networks (1878 Views)
EDBPM: An Event-Driven Business Process Monitoring Mechanism (1873 Views)
Digital Modulation Classification Using the Bees Algorithm and Probabilistic Neural Network Based on Higher Order Statistics (1861 Views)
From Reliable Distributed System Toward Reliable Cloud by Cat Swarm Optimization (1859 Views)
Non-stationary Sparse System Identification over Adaptive Sensor Networks with Diffusion and Incremental Strategies (1855 Views)
Practical Detection of Click Spams Using Efficient Classification-Based Algorithms (1854 Views)
A Secure Attribute-Based Keyword Search Scheme Against Keyword Guessing And Chosen Keyword Attack (1853 Views)
Using Hybrid of Eigenface and Imperialist Competition Algorithm for Feature Selection in Face Recognition (1841 Views)
A Priority-based Fast Optimal Computation Offloading Planner for Mobile Cloud Computing (1833 Views)
Energy Based Clustering Self Organizing Map Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks (1828 Views)
Using Dependency Tree Grammar to Enhance the Reordering Model of Statistical Machine Translation Systems (1827 Views)
How Open Source Software Succeeds? A Review of Research on Success of Open Source Software (1825 Views)
Impact of Topic Modeling on Rule-Based Persian Metaphor Classification and its Frequency Estimation (1823 Views)
Impact of Empowering Communication Technology Practices on Service Performance in Information Technology Sector (1817 Views)
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